Plug in to Traffic Management as a Service and create awesomeness for your city



What does it mean for a city to start with TMaaS? TMaaS represents considerable innovation in traffic management. Much like Mobility As A Service, where different transport providers work together in order to reach one single solution, the challenge for TMaaS is not just technical, but also organisational. Working with open data sets requires time and effort to check for updates, errors and other problems that might pop up.

Challenge 2: Open and Flexible

Traffic systems are still almost always closed systems, whereby data and the platforms are offered and managed from one single company. Given that the problems in our towns are growing in complexity, these kinds of monolith systems are no longer pertinent. They do not respond to new trends and problems relating to multi-modal mobility, urban logistics, the environment and energy, etc.

TMaaS strives to develop and open and flexible platform to allow other cities and developers to create new traffic management dashboards with the modules that were created within the project.


The TMaaS platform will be built using an open source software package, packed with modules and integrators that are developed by the TMaaS team.