Use Cases

Improving urban mobility together

Use Cases

Warnings on pre-defined routes

Citizens can receive warnings when an incident (delay, accident, jam,…) occurred on their pre-defined routes, according to given preferences.

Dynamic vehicle positions on a map

Show real-time locations of public transport vehicles on a map.

Show locations of useful or interesting points on a map

Show locations of useful or interesting points on a map.

Real-time and historical statistics of KPI’s

Showing a real-time overview of predefined KPI’s and other statistics.

Immediate insights in real-time traffic events

Showing a common operational picture of real-time traffic events based on different sources.

Asset monitor & Alerting on irregularities

Showing an overview of the relevant assets (VMS, traffic lights, bicycle counters) and their real-time technical status. Operators should be alerted when a data source gives unreliable data (e.g. constant values all day) or unusual data (showing irregularities) that can be an indication for an incident.

Data editor

Operators should be able to insert incidents, (planned) roadworks or road closures in the platform, so that the system can take this information into account.

Two-way communication

Operators should be able to send general messages and talk with their citizens.

City Management Panel

Operators should be able to configure their preferences of the dashboard.