Improving urban mobility together

In the cloud

Right now we're looking for data in the clouds, more info will follow soon



Like any other organisation in the European Union, we will comply with strict rules around protecting customer data, also known as the The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mobility data

Mobility data that is collected from the partners is anonymised and/or aggregated (e.g. travel times).

User information

User information will only be collected with permission from the user. We will be open and transparent towards the users and provide them with information why, how long, who will use,.. the data. And we will make sure the collected data is only used for TMaaS. Users will be in control of their own data, which means they will be able to delete their data anytime.

Open data

Watch this space for more info on the open data API

How the platform will work

1. system architecture

The platform architecture will be open and data & vendor-independent.

2. Data Normalisation

We fuse the data from multiple sources to get meaningful and reliable insights on mobility. After the initial data processing we will have data flow output for developers and TMaaS end users.

3. Expert System

We add intelligence to support decision making and detect abnormalities in your traffic data

4. User Preferences

This is the great part where the end user gets to transform their preferences into a personalised TMaaS dashboard.

5. User Dashboard

A beautiful multi-layered modular interface for both professional use and use by citizens.

6. Two way communication

TMaaS will give you the tools to talk and listen to your citizens by means of clever social media integrations.