Project management

1 – The TMaaS team

The close collaboration between different partners not only brings challenges in terms of visions and perspectives but also brings opportunities such as the exchange of knowledge and insights from people with different backgrounds and with differing opinions. Gradually, we moved from technology-driven and people-oriented sub teams to one, coherent team with a strong vision on design and innovation.

2 – TMaaS: 1 vision, 200+ tasks

The project is structured into 7 work packages (WP), which are subdivided into tasks. All tasks in each work package are assigned to a TMaaS team member, and follow a standardized work flow where each task is executed and evaluated internally by the team members.

Image: Infographic by Wim Vandersleyen "Transition TMaaS team from two groups into one" (TMaaS, 2020)

What we do

Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

Urban Innovative Actions is an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges.

Based on article 8 of ERDF, the Initiative has a total ERDF budget of EUR 372 million for 2014-2020.