Replicator City Programme

Improving urban mobility together

Replicator City Programme

Open call for cities worldwide

Cities from around the world are welcome to apply for a place in the TMaaS Replicator City Programme.

Why should I apply?

  • I’m interested in setting up a traffic management centre in my city, or upgrading our existing one.
  • I want to make (better) use of existing (local) traffic data sources for monitoring traffic.
  • My city will be seen as a pioneer in helping create and sustain a global open and neutral mobility management tool for cities worldwide.

How do I get started?

  1. Read the Information brochure Replicator City Programme about the TMaaS Replicator City Programme and get acquainted with the project.
  2. Identify your City Assets: cities should identify which datasets would be suitable for integration in the TMaaS dashboard. These datasets can include, for instance, IoT real-time data, historical data and open data.
  3. Describe a scenario in which the TMaaS dashboard would be used to tackle a specific mobility issue for your city or region. For inspiration visit the Use Cases page for the City of Ghent
  4. Fill in the application form on our website and apply!

Will my city receive funding?

TMaaS Replicator Cities are expected to provide at least one local data source in addition to the ones already integrated in the basic TMaaS dashboard. If needed, TMaaS will assist the Replicator City with a budget of up to €10,000 for purchasing the digital mobility data needed for the traffic management.

Benefits for cities that take part in the Replicator Programme

  • Real-time traffic information based on high quality floating car data.
  • Improved real-time information on traffic events (incidents, accidents, roadworks, obstacles, …) based on a combination of public data and private crowd sourced data.
  • A tool for your traffic operators to monitor and edit real-time traffic conditions.
  • A means to communicate with your citizens.


  • February 2019: Registration opens for candidate TMaaS Replicator Cities around the world.
  • 30 June 2019: Last day for submitting your application on our website.
  • October 2019: Announcement TMaaS Replicator Cities on this website.
  • February 2020: Starting implementation of TMaaS dashboard in Replicator Cities
  • Jan 2021: End of the TMaaS Replicator City Programme.

Apply now

Would you like to be part of the TMaaS venture? Do you see a role for the TMaaS dashboard in helping your city implement a sustainable urban mobility vision? Don’t hesitate and apply online for the TMaaS Replicator Programme before 30 June 2019.