Requirements for data collection for traffic management
2019_Paper_TMaaS an innovative, multimodal and user-centred approach to traffic management (Springer publication)
20191025_Paper_Traffic Management as a Service_ITS World Congress 2019
20191101_Infographic_How TMaaS works
20190717_Press release_TMaaS test tijdens Gentse Feesten (Dutch)
20190717_Press Release_TMaaS test during Ghent Festival
20190424_Press Release_TMaaS wint Belfius Award (Dutch)
20190424_Press Release_TMaaS wins Belfius Award
20191101_TMaaS Flyer
Innovation Scope TMaaS
Webinar 25 March 2019
Information brochure Replicator City Programme
Report: Ghent Traffic Management Center
Gent op weg naar TMaaS - artikel in NM magazine (#3, 2018)
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20-09-2018 Press release Civitas Award
20-09-2018 Persbericht Civitas Award