TMaaS for Ghent

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TMaaS for Ghent

The TMaaS dashboard will be launched in stages this year. In summer, the dashboard will be tested during the Ghent Festival by the traffic managers of the Mobility Company of the City of Ghent. In December we aim to launch an extended version of the TMaaS dashboard to the citizens of Ghent at the start of the Ghent Winter Festival.

Ghent Festival 2019

By June 2019, the first version of the TMaaS dashboard will be ready for use by the team of the Ghent Mobility Company. This team will put TMaaS to the test by using it during the busiest season of the year: the Ghent Festival. During this festival, members of the local police, fire department and traffic management center will work together in a temporary ad-hoc control room.

The Ghent Festival is a free music and theatre festival in the city of Ghent. The ‘Ghent Festivities’ have been free since their creation in 1843, which in addition to diversity ensures that the low threshold is maintained. The number of visitors has risen sharply in recent years. In recent years, the city center has welcomed more than 1.3 million visitors, with a visitor number of more than 100,000 visitors per day. The Gentse feesten is a big event with a big impact on multimodal mobility.

About the Ghent Festival 

Ghent Winter Festival 2019

The second time that we will be testing the TMaaS dashboard will be in December 2019, during the Ghent Winter Festival.The Ghent Winter Festival is regarded by the Mobility Company as a “business as usual” event, but the timing of the festival poses some practical challenges for the traffic managers.

The Christmas market in Ghent has since 2013 grown into a genuine Ghent Winter festival, and was already in the top 3 of the best Christmas markets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The Ghent Winter Festival includes a Scandinavian Christmas village with more than 130 stalls, an ice rink, a Ferris wheel and a number of other attractions. Four weeks of Winterfeesten attract approximately 1.2 million visitors.

About the Ghent Winter Festival