Data Sets

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Data Sets

A general overview of potentially interesting data sets to be integrated in a TMaaS dashboard. To view the list with data sets that are selected to be further investigated for use in the TMaaS dashboard for Ghent, visit this page.

Traffic Lights

Consists of static and dynamic information. A combination of both information types is very interesting to improve traffic flows and reducing jams in the city. From a traffic control centre point of view, information on traffic lights is very important because the status (working or malfunctioning) can be easily followed up. However information on traffic lights is difficult to gather and to use and is not available as open data.


Cameras are interesting data sources for control, monitoring, research and as a backup system. For this reason integrating cameras should be investigated if the data is necessary and available.


DRIP stands for Dynamic Route Information Panel and are dynamic panels on the roads. Next to social media or apps, these signs can be used to inform travellers on changed or dangerous traffic situations. The information distributed on these panes may relate to the number of available parking spaces in a parking lot, the detour that must be followed due to an accident or road works, the current travel time to a city or junction, advice speeds and warnings for a dangerous situation (obstacle, jam, accident,…).


Data that consists of a combination from static and dynamic information. Locations for different bridges should be integrated in one dataset. Connected to this static data, a dynamic feed with bridge status should be made. For example NDW has a feed with dynamic and static bridge information of 42 bridges.