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Different time zones, different cultures, different languages – nothing that TMaaS can’t cope with. Our modules are a useful tool for small and medium-sized cities around the world, regardless of their traffic configuration. This also applies to cities that are not located in a European context. The participation of the Ecuadorian city of Duran in the Replicator City Programme is the living proof thereof.

Duran is a city that has its own mobility problems like any other in the world. No data are available on the number of cars on the roads, traffic congestion, etc. Parking is free everywhere and there are no underground parking garages. The concept of park & ​​ride does not exist, the intracantonal public transport service is provided by two operators that are regulated by the EMOT DURÁN and the concept of bicycles and shared cars is applied by few citizens. One of the key elements in the TMaaS module for Duran is the real-time position of the public buses.

Monitoring bus services in Duran

The first bus stop was installed in Duran this year. By default, however, the bus stops wherever people raise their hands. The city now wants to investigate how the quality of the bus offer can be improved and calls on the TMaaS module for fleet monitoring for this. We’re hoping to get answers to the following questions, using the TMaaS fleet monitoring module:

Is the frequency of the buses high enough? For what reasons and where do they mainly stop? How often do the buses stop or stop due to traffic jams? Read the article with Carlos Tite (EMOT) 

How it works

The module that TMaaS is developing for Duran has a map section that shows real-time data. A number of buses are equipped with a GPS tracker. Their position can thus be shown with dots on the map. The visualization allows the city to get a better idea of ​​how bus traffic can be optimized.

Contact for TMaaS

Kris Helincks, TMaaS Replicator Cities Programme Manager
IVA Mobiliteitsbedrijf, City of Ghent
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Contact for EMOT Durán

Carlos Tite
Analyst of the Traffic, Land Transportation and Mobility Directorate

Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

Urban Innovative Actions is an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges.

Based on article 8 of ERDF, the Initiative has a total ERDF budget of EUR 372 million for 2014-2020.