How to get involved

Plug in to Traffic Management as a Service and create awesomeness for your city

How to get involved

TMaaS for your city?

TMaaS requires high standards in terms of flexibility and transferability. For this reason, the project foresees a trial of the TMAAS concept in a number of socalled ‘replication cities’.

Are you the Replicator City that we’re looking for?

  • Find out if you have what it takes to become one of our Replicator Cities!
  • Your city experiences specific mobility issues and is interested in setting up a a traffic management center
  • Your city has a clear multimodal mobility policy or sustainable urban mobility plan to deal with these issues
  • Your city wants to make better use of existing (local) traffic data sources for both historic and realtime traffic monitoring
  • Your city sees reliable traffic information as a means to help citizens optimize their travel behavior

Expected Timings

January 2019: Registration opens for candidate Replicator Cities around the world
April 2019: Registration closes
May 2019: Announcement Replicator Cities
June 2019 early 2020: Preparation for launch of test platform in Replicator Cities
Mid 2020: Start trial with Replicator Cities


How about testing TMaaS in your city?.

We’d love to hear from you if you think that your city has the potential to become one of the first replicator cities for the project. More info on what to expect and how to apply will be published on this page by the end of 2018.

Apply with my city