Checking routes and real-time locations with the TMaaS Fleet Viewer

We experimented with the TMaaS module “Fleet Viewer” and this feature van be viewed on the dashboard LINK.Gent. When the map layers “Walking buses” and “P+R shuttles” are switched on, you can view the routes and the realtime locations of the buses. The info is refreshed in most cases every minute. The TMaaS Fleet Viewer is one of the many integrations that is possible in a TMaaS mobility dashboard.

Map showing live locations of the P+R shuttlebuses en the so-called Wandelbus in Ghent on LINK.Gent

The map layer shows the real-time location of the P+R shuttle buses. You can take the shuttle buses from two P+R’s: P+R Weba/Decathlon and P+R Watersportbaan. The map shows their circular route and the different stops. The shuttle buses provide an easy connection between both P+R’s and the pedestrian centre. The City of Ghent offers rides on these shuttle buses for free.

You can find the operating schedules here.

How are the data calculated?

The data come from GPS trackers in the vehicles.

wandelbus in Ghent

Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

Urban Innovative Actions is an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges.

Based on article 8 of ERDF, the Initiative has a total ERDF budget of EUR 372 million for 2014-2020.