City of Ghent wins Belfius Smart Belgium Award 2018 with TMaaS project

On Wednesday 24 April in Brussels, the City of Ghent won the Belfius Smart Belgium Award 2018 in in the category ‘Smart Cities with a population of more than 30,000’. This prize was awarded to the innovative collaborative project – Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS), via which the Ghent Mobility Company is developing an innovative virtual traffic centre.

“We hope that this award will inspire other cities to start using digital solutions to tackle mobility challenges in their cities. The objective of this project is to offer local residents in Ghent a first trial version by the spring of 2020, after which the traffic platform will be tested in three other cities.”

Filip Watteeuw, alderman of mobility and public space, City of Ghent

About Belfius Smart Belgium Awards

The Smart Belgium Awards 2018 offer rewards in eight domains that are dedicated to preparing our society for the future: Circular Economy, Smart City Services, Education, Energy, the Environment, Health and Prevention, Mobility and Urban Development. More than 150 organisations submitted their ‘smart’ projects at the end of last year. A professional jury chose 50 chose out of these and they were invited to present their projects to a jury.

Visit the TMaaS project page on the Smart Belgium Awards website